Our clients have ambitious strategic goals that will make the world a significantly better place. We help them bring their leadership and organization into alignment with those strategies so difficult goals can be confidently achieved.

Customized consulting is the right solution for:

  • Larger nonprofits with unique circumstances and challenges
  • Organizations with mature human capital management capabilities seeking highly targeted expertise 

What We Do

We collaborate with executive leaders to develop and implement human capital management changes tailored to your organization’s particular situation and capabilities. Typically, we collaborate intensely for 6-12 months to and then move towards a lighter level of involvement, providing ongoing support as needed. Consulting engagements draw upon our deep expertise in leadership development and human capital management, and are often integrated with components of change management, training, and coaching of senior leaders.

What You Experience  

If you have only worked with strategy consulting firms, working with us will feel noticeably different. We work along-side you in a deeply collaborative way: when appropriate we will do the bulk of the planned work, but more often it's better for us to guide your staff, providing them with our expertise, tools, methods and other support so they can successfully implement concrete new human capital management approaches. We taper our support as new systems and capabilities become established and confident habits.