We're Hiring a Partner!

02/11/2019 in



Full-time position located in Washington DC. Other locations considered for compelling candidates. Some travel required.

Why Work with Us

AchieveMission is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit consulting firm founded in 2009. In 2018, we updated our mission and vision to meet the unique and pressing needs of the social sector. Our mission is to transform the leadership and management capabilities of social sector organizations to realize deep partnership and achieve mission. Our vision is to see a social sector filled with equitable organizations developing leadership at all levels. To make this happen, we apply a race equity lens to everything we imagine and all that we offer; integrate an adaptive leadership framework with practical tools and approaches honed in the nonprofit and philanthropic context and informed by our team’s successful track record of social justice action and corporate leadership development; and we partner with social sector organizations to strengthen the day-to-day practices of leading and managing, all day, every day, fully aligned with the strategic objectives that matter. 

We have built a diverse national team of staff and affiliate consultants with experience in leadership, talent management and race equity, and have strengthened more than 100 leading nonprofit and foundation clients with our customized coaching and consulting models. We continue to work toward our vision of equitable organizations exercising leadership on our toughest social challenges by disseminating our learning and outcomes through case studies, articles, webinars, workshops, conferences and speaking engagements. 

Our Culture

We work with clients whose missions matter and we are laser-focused on enabling them to be as effective and equitable as possible. We also do our own work as individuals and as a team, with a necessary blend of compassion and rigor.  We support one another and collaborate on sales, design and delivery. We also give and receive feedback in a timely and actionable way, revealing blind spots and encouraging action in real time on our developmental edges.  We don’t shy away from addressing our differences and learning together.

At the organizational level, we diagnose our own challenges using the adaptive leadership and race equity lenses we apply to our clients.  At our core, we are a learning organization and we continue to evolve individually and collectively through relationships with one another and our partners.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Promoting social change is complex and dynamic work. We work to address the institutional, cultural and structural oppression, aided by unconscious bias that prevents the realization of a just and equitable world – in our organizations and in our communities. This requires understanding this country’s race history and its intersections with other facets of identity; the problems organizations face in creating sometimes unseen barriers to equity; the larger systems of oppression; and the impact of all of this on multiple stakeholders. For this reason, we actively recruit team members with lived experiences that inform this understanding and with diverse professional and personal perspectives. Read more about what we believe here.

About the Partner Role

The ideal candidate will bring together five essential strengths: deep expertise in leadership development; lived experience in understanding and successfully addressing race equity and inclusion challenges in organizations and communities; talent management in complex systems with multiple interests and stakeholders; familiarity with all facets of consulting or related professional services including demonstrated ability to establish and build relationships with executives in a “trusted advisor” role; and significant experience in and understanding of the role of nonprofits in our communities. These combined capabilities will enable the Partner to accomplish our ambitious organizational objectives, delivering results to our clients; develop new nonprofit and foundation client and funding partnerships; communicating our ideas and learning in the sector; and contributing every day as a key member of AchieveMission’s leadership team.

This role will integrate a race equity lens in every aspect of practice, including individual assumptions and the design, management and execution of tailored consulting projects that help our clients pursue their missions more effectively. Ways of working include building strong external relationships with sector influencers and client prospects, exercising leadership on the team overall, guiding internal project teams to deliver high impact work, serving as coach and thought partner to senior leaders, and managing consulting relationships as you mitigate risks and resolve issues. As a member of our national team, the Partner contributes to our knowledge agenda and represents AchieveMission in public settings.  In delivery, this role will oversee teams of two to four people on client projects, most often several at once.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Business Development
    • Contribute to the organization’s strategy and business model advancements
    • Strengthen our place in the market through marketing and sector engagement
    • Lead sales pursuits
    • Identify and cultivate new partnerships to strengthen our sales pipeline
  • Content evolution
    • Identify creative opportunities - new models or approaches - to evolve our services
    • Contribute to continuous learning efforts through evaluation, reflection and analysis leading to refinement and
 codification of our methods and materials
  • Delivery
    • Manage and deliver consulting services to multiple clients, ensuring impact and client satisfaction while bringing projects in on time and on budget
    • Personally coach senior executives to face their leadership challenges and successfully shift their own practice and implement new practices in the system
  • Internal Growth and Infrastructure
    • Develop AchieveMission staff, particularly Consultants and Associates
    • Support and help lead AchieveMission’s business operations (for example, marketing, internal HR, staffing, utilization)

    • Work effectively and creatively in a largely virtual environment

Skills and Capabilities Required

We seek candidates with many of the following assets and capabilities:   

  • Strategic thinking and communication: You see context and hold a strategic perspective that you can communicate clearly and in multiple outlets.
  • Developing leadership at all levels: You are skilled in the adaptive leadership framework and/or other system-level methodologies to diagnose challenges, work on individual leadership challenges and surface and shift organizational barriers to the full accomplishment of an organization’s mission.
  • Project management: You can integrate innovative talent practices in organizations and have managed projects and budgets effectively and well.  You can manage projects, team members and stakeholders effectively and in a high-stakes environment.
  • Leadership and talent know-how: You have a depth of knowledge and experience in talent management, leadership development, and organizational development and/or related areas.
  • A solid network of influential peers and connections across difference:  You have cultivated a broad and deep network in the nonprofit and foundation space, and across race and other intersectional differences and you can cultivate this network for business development opportunities.
  • Business development acumen:  You have successfully led marketing and/or sales initiatives and can practice consultative sales and lead sales at the organizational level.
  • An intersectional analysis: You have a way of holding race and identity in a way that informs your practice and the organizational outcomes you pursue.
  • Relationship cultivation: You listen for what matters, quickly develop rapport, earn the respect and trust of others and can guide clients to collaborate and act on decisions and recommendations.
  • Engaging conflict:  You step into conflicts, viewing tensions across differences as opportunities to get to enduring and authentic solutions, and you can facilitate in conflictual situations.
  • Learning stance: You can say when you don’t know the answer and you do everything you can to understand what is most vexing.  You adapt as work evolves and can work well in a virtual environment.
  • Compassion and Rigor: You can hold both, understanding issues at their level of emotional and material complexity and stopping at nothing to impact unjust and unwanted outcomes.

And the following experience:

  • Professional Experience: You have 18+ years of work in the social sector, in consulting and/or senior executive roles, within organizations that have undergone significant growth or change.
  • Education: You hold a BA; an MA and/or certifications in coaching/other trainings desired.

To Apply

  • Share a cover letter letting us know how you will be a great addition to our team and how your experience matches our needs.
  • Include an updated resume or linked in profile.
  • Email your materials as a single PDF file to with "Partner" in the email subject line.

We are an equal opportunity employer that values diversity of all kinds and encourages candidates from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity. It is our policy to ensure that all individuals applying for jobs are treated without regard to age, color, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, expression, gender identity or veteranstatus, and that all are given every opportunity to succeed.