Join the VP of Talent On-Demand Pilot for Smaller Nonprofits

06/25/2015 in

For the past several months, we’ve been designing a service specific to the requirements of smaller nonprofits. Vice President of Talent On-Demand serves ED/CEOs and their deputies in nonprofits with 15-40 employees, who want to develop their organizations' leadership capacity in order to achieve ambitious strategies.

Over the course of the year-long program, a senior AchieveMission consultant (VP of Talent), works with the senior leader to assess the organization’s leadership and human capital management capabilities; helps define and prioritize 2-4 highest-impact development opportunities; and provides support with implementation through coaching and tailored human capital management tools, templates and training materials that draw on AchieveMission’s well-tested library.

During the VP of Talent On-Demand pilot we are offering a reduced fee and are asking participants to provide more regular feedback and collaborate with us to refine this new, powerful solution. We have received strong feedback from early participants and have room for five more nonprofits in the pilot.

If you are interested, or know another nonprofit leader who might be a good fit, please see/share the VP of Talent On-Demand brochure or contact AchieveMission directly.