Feedback and resulting Improvements for Talent Initiative 5.0

09/09/2013 in

Improvements for Talent Initiative 5.0

We are still batting 100% on the improvements we’ve made to each successive round to Talent Initiative! Feedback on each new or improved feature continues to be positive.

The pace of finding big and easily identified improvements to Talent Initiative is slowing and we’re beginning to transition more of our continuous improvement efforts to work on the more than 25 human capital management processes we help nonprofits to implement. And we’re moving to further strengthen our formative and summative evaluation processes. I’ll write more about all that soon. In the meanwhile just one big change to Talent Initiative 5.0 starting soon:


  • Appreciative inquiry: Appreciattive inquiry is an approach to gathering information, learning and analysis that fundamentally tries to anchor to what is working rather than what is not working. Appreciative inquiry helps people to see that for every “gap” between where they are and where they need to be, there is likely some strength somewhere in the organization that can be leveraged to help fill that gap. In this way, findings and planning carry a more positive and optimistic tenor. Strengths are honored. The data, analysis and plan of work that results is similar -- but the path is more likely to succeed. These few sentences hardly do the idea justice; fortunately there is a rich literature for those who want more information. We are weaving appreciative inquiry approaches into the entire Talent Initiative program. Its quite a large task with hundreds of required changes.

    We’re making this change because our Findings can often expose big gaps between the strategic human capital management capabilities that an organization has, and those needed to achieve strategic goals. That is not unexpected: it is why organizations enroll in Talent Initiative. And it not unexpected that an organization that is optimized for its past, and that is going to expand across the country, double in size, make dramatic changes in strategy, or implement a very different culture will require new capabilities. Nonetheless, clients are rarely proficient in human capital management, often have never had an experience of strong human capital management organizational capabilities, and consequently do not have a firm vision in advance of what excellence would look like. As that vision becomes clearer, the size of the gap between current and needed capabilities grows and can become quite daunting. Appreciative inquiry is yet another systemic solution to that challenge.

Do you have experience with appreciative inquiry? Let us know.