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I want to extend my sincere gratitude to James Weinberg, who has been so instrumental in our success to date, as he transitions off staff and back to his board-only role at AchieveMission. James will be turning his attention to bringing stronger tale... Read More

Bridgespan and AchieveMission produce Second in a Series of Collaboratively Created Articles on Human Capital Management

We are thrilled to share that Bridgespan has just published their second article in a series of five on leadership development and human capital management created in collaboration with AchieveMission. This article, titled “When it comes to Human Cap... Read More

AchieveMission Welcomes Two Human Capital Management Experts Onto Our Board

I am so very pleased to announce that two highly respected leaders, Bob Gandossy and Peter Linkow, will be joining the AchieveMission board. Bob is among the premier thinkers and consultants on the subject of human capital management. He is a trusted... Read More

Leadership Development: Five Things All Nonprofits Should Know

Despite a big uptick in attention paid to nonprofit leadership development over the past decade, a lot of misunderstanding remains. Many organizations think leadership development is too expensive, that it’s all about training or sabbaticals, that it... Read More

Bridgespan Taps into AchieveMission's Expertise in Human Capital Management

We were very happy to have had leading nonprofit strategy consulting firm Bridgespan create and publish an interview with us regarding the ROI of effective human capital management. People told us that they found particularly valuable the description... Read More

Five Types of Nonprofits and Their Unique Talent Challenges

In reflecting on the diversity of the nonprofits we’ve worked with this year, a question came to mind: "How do human capital challenges most frequently vary by organization type, and what solutions address those challenges?" Our experience with a wid... Read More

Top Five Moments When Human Capital Needs to Be a Top Priority for Nonprofit Executive Leaders

A nonprofit leader recently asked us, “I know that strengthening my organization’s human capital management will always help us to better implement our strategy and accomplish our mission, but are there particular moments that should make human capit... Read More

Three Game-Changing Additions to the AchieveMission Team

We practice what we preach: In the past few weeks we've announced three game-changing additions to the AchieveMission team James Weinberg, a recognized leader in nonprofit human capital management, formerly Founder and CEO of leading nonprofit search... Read More

Feedback and resulting Improvements for Talent Initiative 5.0

Improvements for Talent Initiative 5.0 We are still batting 100% on the improvements we’ve made to each successive round to Talent Initiative! Feedback on each new or improved feature continues to be positive. The pace of finding big and easily ident... Read More

Feedback from Talent Initiative 3.0 and Improvements for 4.0

We continue to learn a great deal about how to do this work most effectively and to plow that learning back into ever more improvements to our consulting, training and coaching approach. Increasingly the changes we’re making feel like smaller refinem... Read More

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